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Sunday, December 11, 2011


So I have been back in NZ for a good 5 months now.. And a lot has been happening!!
I finished uni for the year, so now supposed to be on 'holiday' but it feels like everything but.. Last month I raced in the k1 elite women race, which started in Whitianga and finished in Thames. The race started off pretty fast and we made a nice little break of about 6 over the first climb. When we got to the 'big' Whangapoa hill Theresa Adam and I road off the front and got a good gap on the rest of the break. With 200 meters to go my left leg completely blew and I almost was at a stand still.. I have been having a few issues with it lately but have been trying to ignore it, thinking the typical; It’ll be right, its just a little niggle. This time I woke up a bit and realised I really need to see what’s going on. Anyway, I managed to get over the hill, down the other side and then felt completely fine. Emma Crum caught me and we team time-trialled it until the next climb. I then broke away and road the rest of the race (about 50km) by myself, trying to chase down Theresa. Unfortunately she had gained too much time and was powering on ahead. I finished the race in 2nd, with Theresa showing she had some amazing form in 1st, and Emma 3rd.
The start line

The rest of the field had got caught by the guys bunch from the fun ride so they had to leave it to the sprint finish (which was a bit unfortunate for riders like Mel Burke who had ridden most of the race by herself and got caught close to the finish by the guys bunch, who had also dragged the other girls with them). Overall, it was not the most successful day on the bike but that's ok, time to get some problems fixed.

Thank gosh that is over!

I have recently been on a bit of a break, trying to get over this left leg issue. After seeing a few physios, doctors and chiropractors I think I may finally be getting to the bottom of it.. Now I just need to rest and recover (it's driving me crazy) I have never wanted to go and do hill efforts so much in my life!! Plans are under-way for next year and will update you on what's happening soon, it's going to be a big year! Before now and then, if all is going well, Ill give Tour De Vineyards and elite nationals a shot in January. Will keep you updated!

Its time to get my A into G and keep this site updated. Thanks for reading =)

Blog time!!

Wow, it's been awhile. I do apologize about my terribly slack updates lately.
As most of you probably know I am back from America (and have been since the start of July). If we rewind 4 or so months, I was in Wisconsin, competing in an 11 stage race (9x criteriums, 1x road race and 1x time trial). This was a lot of racing! I gained a lot of good crit experience as well as having some fun and meeting new people. So was a great way to end the trip.

Three days before I was due to fly home Kate, Megan and I went to the theme park 'six flags' and were planning on heading to hurricane harbour afterwards (a water park). It started off pretty well, other then the ridiculously hot temperature (40 degrees plus). Then lining up for the last ride I started feeling a little sick, next minute I was on the ground. After about 15 minutes of sitting down trying not to be sick I got taken to the little theme park doctor area where all the other 'theme park victims' were. After cooling down a bit and having some electrolytes they said it was algood to go and get some food and water and then time to head off to the water park for some cooling down! Unfortunately it was not my day and when I was lining up for something to eat I fainted again, this time hitting the back of my head and split it open slightly. No hurricane harbour for me!

Kate and Megan took me to, what they thought, was the Arlington hospital.. Instead it was a mental institute and the hospital was across the road. When we eventually got there the guys did a few tests, a cat scan and put 3 staples in the back of my head, $4000 American dollars later we were out of there. But the exciting day didn't end there. Rachel's mum came to pick us up to take us out for dinner (as it was a good 45 or so minutes to get home). She was driving her brand new Audi, which was spotless. We stopped to get some petrol, because Marsha was worrying about me she put all the windows down to keep me cool, she then went to get the petrol nozzle to put in the car.. However the person before her had left the lever pressed in so when Marsha pulled it out it sprayed all over the car, through the windows, on the spotless interior. Kate was sitting in the prime position to mop up most of the petrol (saving the seats from getting saturated). Imagine someone grabbing a fire hose and the hose being turned on full blast, that's what it looked like with Marsha and her petrol nozzle. After a bit of cleaning up we headed for dinner, the two classy NZers, one covered and smelling of petrol and me with a beautiful head wrap and blood drops down the back of my white top... We got a few funny looks.

The next few days were spent packing and eating s'mores (marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched in graham cracker.. The best American dessert invented). My bag was so full I had to have three people help me jam the zip closed. Thankfully I only had to pay $100 over weight luggage, even though I was about 15 kg too heavy. 16 hours later I arrived back home; the temperature drop was a bit of a shock to the system but other then that it was really great to be home!!